Blackcurrant Recipe Ideas R...

Aug 11, 2015 by

Chocolate and blackcurrant torte Coping with a summer glut? I hear people complaining that they have loads of fruit or vegetables and...

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This is Cavan 2015

Aug 9, 2015 by

Aine’s Chocolates  The Taste of Cavan 2015 is over for another year after a mammoth event which saw the Cavan Equestrian...

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Courgette and Goat’s Che...

Jul 22, 2015 by

Served with ratatouille  I saw a recipe that caught my eye by Rachel Allen in the Sindo mag (Sunday Independent to the...

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Lamb and Redcurrant

Jul 11, 2015 by

Sometimes I think of unusual food combinations and never know if I have subliminally absorbed them or if they are a genuine Eureka...

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Farms or Factories

Jul 6, 2015 by

So when is a farm not a farm? And when is it a stretch to call someone a farmer? You know the Truly Irish advert with a...

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Out of the Mouth…..

Jul 4, 2015 by

You know that saying “out of the mouth of babes………….?” Yea, that one. Came to mind the other day...

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Dear Tesco 2

Jun 26, 2015 by

Dear Tesco, I don’t know why I’m bothering to write to you again but here goes. Firstly, I am not a customer of yours. I...

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My J1

Jun 17, 2015 by

I have been thinking about my J1 experience over 30 years ago a lot in the last 24 hours. The tragic events in Berkeley really got...

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Oxtail (Coda di Manzo alla Vac...

May 17, 2015 by

Oxtail to me summons up memories of Knorr packet soups of the same name and makes me shudder inwardly. But recently I have been...

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Moussaka Perfected

May 5, 2015 by

This is my new favourite dinner. I’ve tried every permutation and combination and reckon I’ve hit perfection. Big...

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A Pig in a Day

Apr 12, 2015 by

Back in October I was invited to the Saveur Food Festival for the Night of a Thousand Feasts to fund raise for the School of Food in...

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Tea and Toast

Apr 1, 2015 by

Tea and toast. Those three little words that mean so much to so many. The potential to sooth, comfort, nourish and celebrate. While I...

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Drisheen Fusion

Mar 30, 2015 by

Drisheen is a blood pudding made in Ireland, particularly in Cork. I’m just back from a weekend in Cork and by now the annual...

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Forty Shades of Green

Mar 17, 2015 by

St. Patrick’s Day our national holiday. What better way to spend it than capture all the shades of green right on my door step?...

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Mothering Sunday

Mar 15, 2015 by

Today is Mother’s Day and next Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day. What better way to spend the day cooking up a feast to...

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Braised Beef Cheeks

Mar 3, 2015 by

I’m a new convert to slow cooking. My sister won a Crock Pot and passed it around the family until someone thought of me. I was...

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