Pig Keepers Cut

Dec 8, 2016 by

  When you kill a pig and are lucky enough to get everything back from your butcher you should have included shanks and hocks....

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Smallholder Gathering at Savou...

Nov 2, 2016 by

Helen Joy and Martha Roberts in Butler House This past weekend we had our first smallholder gathering at the Savour Food Festival in...

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My Little Milly

Oct 28, 2016 by

This evening last week I was going crazy looking for you. In and out calling your name. The last time I saw you, you were skulking...

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My River Cottage Moment

Sep 25, 2016 by

Tim Maddens and Stephen Lamb Yesterday I spent the day with two River Cottage chefs Stephen Lamb and Tim Maddens in Croan Cottages...

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Jun 28, 2016 by

Just over 10 months ago I acquired an unusual pet. It wasn’t intentional but now I can’t imagine life without her. Honky...

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