The Full Irish

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The Full Irish


Breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. How could your mouth not water? And in light of recent revelations – nutritious. Particularly nutritious if made from pigs reared outside, free to forage on grass, vegetation, worms, grubs, roots and with a supplemental diet free from genetically modified ingredients. The bacon is dry cured. The sausages made by my butcher but with a seasoning mix I made using a River Cottage recipe. And the pudding, from fresh blood from my own pigs with nothing added but pinhead oatmeal, seasoning and fat.

One of the many joys of producing your own food. Being a smallholder. Not relying on anyone else to feed you. Knowing what your animals ate, how they lived, how they died. Knowing they lived as pigs should.

The eggs, deep golden yellow. From hens released from a life of hell on a “free range” factory farm. Hens that came here bald, pecked, cowed and with pain in their eyes. Hens that took tentative steps onto grass for the first time. Hens that never had a dust bath or lay in a sun trap. Hens that now have a full body of feathers; that knock you down when you open their house to get out in the morning. Hens that sneak into the woodshed to lay in a deep bed of straw.

The bread. Sourdough. Nothing but flour – organic of course, starter, salt, water and time. The natural yeasts doing the hard work for you and breaking down the gluten proteins to make it easier to digest.

This is why you schlep through muck daily in winter, in all weathers seven days a week.

This makes it all worthwhile.


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