Instagramming 2015

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Instagramming 2015

Instagram. In the beginning I didn’t get it. I found it intensely frustrating having to click on photos and wait for them to open in Twitter or Facebook. But, I have become a recent convert. I have found people from all over the globe with similar interests, namely food but even small pig farmers. I have heard it muttered that people on Instagram are friendlier, less judgemental, more inclined to interact and generally nicer to each other than on Twitter. It’s true.

Aoife and Jonnie’s nude wedding cake

One of my most popular photos was the nude wedding cake I made for Aoife’s wedding. I had done a bit of research and compiled this collage of other nude cakes. The one on the bottom right had been made by a friend for her niece’s wedding and it was this that gave me the idea. It was unbelievably stressful to make and after the one below I had sworn never again.

It was made for my daughter’s school friend’s sister. She wanted a Great Gatsy theme and had selected both the colour scheme and motif. I made the cakes and my daughter decorated it. It weighed a tonne. The bottom layer was chocolate biscuit, the middle porter cake and the top, lemon drizzle. 
Piglets snoozing in a shaft of sunlight in my sitting room

The birth of the 12 piglets in August was an unforgettable event. Rejected by their mother, they all had to be bottle fed. All but 11 survived. However, they gave us hours of fun and I had more visitors than if I had given birth myself.

The piglets were born the day these guys were going to abattoir. People always ask how I can eat them having reared them. But just look at this photo. These pigs have a great life. They live as pigs should. They are outside, they have warm, dry houses for shelter. They get to wallow or bask in sunshine. They get to be pigs. So the answer is no. I don’t feel guilty in the slightest. Every living creature deserves a good life and a good death. These get both.

And as a result of Lady Lavinia rejecting her litter, we got Honky Tonk who has become somewhat of a celebrity. She has appeared in the Irish Times both on line and in print and the video made of her – Best of 2015.

Honky as she is today 4 months old and spoiled rotten

Irish Times Best of 2015
The link to the article is here 
Then she made the UTV Ireland news. The pig who got a Christmas pardon. 

And then there was food. Food that looks good but that people can relate to gets the most amount of “likes”.


Simple seasonal lunch

Lamb shank tagine

Breakfast in St. Malo

Of all the photos I took on a recent trip to France to buy wine, this is my favourite. The memory of this breakfast sitting in hot sun at the end of October. The fact they screwed us for the little bit of warm milk didn’t matter. It was just lovely to sit and sip a big delicious coffee, eat a baguette and watch the world go by.

But cute pics of dogs and cats are popular as well.

Milly the kitten found abandoned in Fermanagh

The Jacks with Milly

I saw a programme on Channel 4 recently about people who have a massive following on Instragram and actually make a living out of it. At the end of the programme the one thing that struck me was how fake they and their lives were. Give me the people I follow any day. People who live real lives, eat real food, raise animals with care and attention and who are fun to interact with.

That was my year on Instagram. I’m looking forward to 2016 already. Come over and say hello. I’m foodbornofficial.

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