Forty Shades of Green

Mar 17, 2015 by

St. Patrick’s Day our national holiday. What better way to spend it than capture all the shades of green right on my door step?

Deer Park Virginia, Co. Cavan, the former hunting lodge and grounds of Lord Headfort is now The Park Hotel (Richard Corrigan’s new venture), Virginia Golf Club and Virginia Rugby Football Club headquarters. There is also a lovely walk around Lough Ramor through the well-managed forest.

Beech trees and moss
Evergreen alley
Lough Ramor
Perfect for angling
Little bridges over rushing waters

 Beech sapling

Green tee

I love to walk here. There is ample free parking beside the rugby club. There are several different length walks. The dogs get a great run. And it’s incredibly scenic.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook great amenities right under your nose.

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