Tiramisu – Pick me Up

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Tiramisu or Pick me Up (translated) is an Italian dessert. More often than not, in Italy, it doesn’t contain any alcohol. Personally, I think it’s the kick that makes it. I’ve tried all sorts of alcohol but have decided that Martinique rum is the business in it.

I loosely follow a Nigella recipe but as I hate wastage, I always use both egg whites. My daughter makes it every Christmas as she doesn’t like plum pudding.

Tiramisu recipe

2 x 250g packs of Marscapone
2 free range organic eggs
75g sugar
200g sponge fingers
4 tablespoons of Martinique rum
1 small cup of strong coffee (never instant, that’s not coffee)

In a suitable bowl or dish, lay out the sponge fingers. Make the coffee and add the rum. Pour the mixture evenly over all the sponge fingers.

Separate the eggs. In one bowl whisk the egg yolks and sugar. Gradually add in the Marscapone. In another bowl whisk the egg whites. When they are firm fold into the Marsapone mix using a metal spoon. Spread this over the sponge fingers and dust with cocoa powder through a sieve.

Leave to set for a couple of hours in fridge.

*Always use eggs you are confident in. You are eating them raw.
*Always use real coffee.

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  1. Maybe go easy on the Martinique rum for her so. Was convinced I'd be over limit after a portion yesterday 😉

  2. You're a star! My daughter loves Tiramasu and I hadn't realised it was that easy, thanks 🙂

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