Fig and Apple Compote

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Fig and apple compote

On a recent trip to visit some friends, I came home with bags of autumn bounty. They have a ruin nearby with a walled garden overflowing with fruit trees. Figs, apples and Spanish chesnuts. We couldn’t reach the chesnuts and the figs were still a bit unripe. The apple varieties included what appeared to be a cider apple variety. It was quite bitter but just about edible. Somewhere mid-way between cooker and eater.

The figs ripened slightly in a fruit bowl but some started to get a bit whiskery. It was better to use them up quickly, so I came up with this idea.

Fig and Apple Compote
150g figs chopped up
250g of a tart apple variety chopped
100g organic sugar

Soften the apple and fig with a splash of water to stop the mixture catching on the base of a (heavy based) saucepan. Add the sugar and simmer for about half an hour until the mixture is rich and pulpy.

Cool and pour into a clean container.

Serving Suggestions
With ice cream, custard or Greek yoghurt 
With porridge for breakfast
Or just enjoyed on it’s own.

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