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Every day of the week I read expert advice. And usually that expert advice has changed from the last time I read it. You know the drill. Fat is bad/ fat is not bad – sugar is bad. In a few years sugar will not be bad (you read it here first). Running is good. Well running a certain amount is good. Running too much is bad. Cholesterol is bad. Well good cholesterol is good, bad cholesterol is bad. Dietary cholesterol is good/bad. To be honest I’ve lost track now.

My head does be in a spin.

Latest article I read is organic veg is better than conventional. I could have sworn I read a few weeks ago that the top boffins concluded there was no difference in nutritional value.

Can you believe anything they tell you? I’m beginning to think not. Actually I’m kind of glad I have never done what I was told.

I think the answer is to trust your own innate instinct. I trust mine. If I die in the next few years of a heart attack/stroke/cancer, then maybe you can say I should have listened.

I have never believed butter was worse than margarine.

I have never believed any rubbish about cholesterol from the time I read (years ago) that if you eat a low cholesterol diet your body makes it.

I learned the hard way that too much running was bad when I wasn’t able to get out of the bath in my thirties, my knees were so f*cked.

I know it makes sense that vegetables and fruit that have not been doused in pesticides are better for you than those that are not. I don’t need any boffin or any of their studies to prove otherwise.

I know that if something smells okay and looks okay despite a use by/sell by, it is.

I know that pink meat won’t kill you if you are used to eating it that way (and this includes children).

The human race survived long before boffins had their heads stuck down microscopes so long they couldn’t see the bigger picture. 

The question has to be – who do we believe?

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  1. Love this post, Margaret. I agree with everything you've said – you'd be dizzy trying to keep up. The running thing makes me laugh. My husband is a personal trainer and he always advices against running. When people say "but running makes you slim", he says it's like saying playing basketball makes you tall! Running doesn't make you slim – only slim people enjoy running as those are the only ones that aren't wrecking their bodies by doing it. Ah, life is fun!

  2. Indeed. I think common sense went out the window a long time ago.

  3. We wouldnt need so many 'boffins' if people exercised a little more common sense!

  4. I only noticed this comment now June! Blogger is a disaster. Glad he agrees about running. When I see big hefty people puffing and panting down the road I wonder what damage they are doing to their joints. They'd be better going for a brisk walk.

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