Soda Sliders

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Don’t you just love when a food becomes trendy? Sliders – well we have had cupcakes, pulled pork and cronuts already! Anyway it basically means a small sandwich. I didn’t feel much like cooking but knew I had some crabmeat in the fridge. Home made mayonnaise takes minutes to make and is infinitely superior to any shop bought. Soda bread rolls can be made and baked in jig time too.

Soda bread rolls
2 cups of  coarse wholemeal flour
1 cup of white
1 teasp bicarbonate of soda
1 egg optional

I rarely weigh ingredients for this as throw it in by eye. In a bowl add the sieved soda and white flour to the coarse wholemeal. Add beaten egg and buttermilk until you have a wet consistency but can still gather it into a circular shape. Handle as little as possible. Use pastry cutters and cut 8-10 buns. Place on a flour dusted baking tray in a preheated oven at 190 deg for about 15 minutes.

Cool on a wire rack.

In meantime make the mayo. I would be very wary of using any eggs for this other than my own. If you have a good source of genuine free range eggs use it.

1 free range egg yolk
half a teasp of powdered mustard
2 teasp of cider vinegar
sunflower oil or a mixture of *olive and sunflower
pinch salt and pepper
crushed clove of garlic (optional)

Using a hand held whisk beat the egg yolk, salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. Drizzle in the oil slowly to begin, with the whisk running. As it begins to thicken up you can speed up the flow. It has never split on me, but if yours does just add in another egg yolk. I use about a cup full of oil. When you have the texture and quantity you are happy with stop adding oil. Check seasoning and add garlic if you wish a garlic mayo. You can also add herbs of choice.

Store in a jar in fridge. Keeps for at least a week.

*Using all olive oil can make a very strong flavoured mayonnaise. 

Also delicious with some strawberry and rhubarb jam from previous post. A sweet slider for after.

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