A Different Cream Tea

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Is there anything more luxurious than a cream tea? Freshly baked scone with cream and jam. You can almost feel the calories glide onto your hips. With Greek style yoghurt you can still experience the sensation of cool, creamy smoothness combined with a fruity kick and not feel as guilty. How?

Here’s how. Organic Greek style full fat yoghurt has 10g of fat per 100g serving. Cream has 40.3g per 100ml. So you have a lot less fat without sacrificing flavour. That means you can enjoy more.

You can still feel decadent.

I discovered how delicious making this soda scone recipe with yoghurt is, by accident. I had a pot in the fridge opened for a while and as it smelt fine and I had no buttermilk, I decided to use it instead.

The sour yoghurt cultures react in the same way as buttermilk with the bicarbonate of soda to create a rise.

(1 used a mug for ease of measuring (mine held 300ml liquid). Remember it is proportional so if your mug holds less that’s fine).

1 mug fine wholemeal flour
1 mug plain white flour
Half a mug of a coarse stoneground flour
1 tablespoon of poppy seeds
1 egg beaten
a good half teaspoon of bread soda
a pinch of salt
Approximately 140ml of buttermilk or 100g of yoghurt thinned out with 40ml whole milk

(All flours absorb different amounts of liquid, so measure it out in a jug and add slowly until the mix comes together and resembles a stiff porridge texture. Add more if required).

Pre-heat oven to 200 deg C.
In a mixing bowl combine flour, bread soda (sieved), salt and poppy seeds. Make a well in centre of bowl and pour in the beaten egg. Add a small amount of the yoghurt/milk combination and with a fork begin to work in the flour. Add the liquid slowly. When the mixture has all come together, turn out onto a floured surface and shape gently into a round. Don’t handle any more than necessary. Using a scone cutters cut out your scones (This mix made eight).

Transfer to a floured baking tray. Bake for approximately 12-15 minutes or until well-risen and browned. Turn one over and if browned on base then they are baked.

Cool on a wire rack.

Cut in half and serve with a good dollop of Greek style yoghurt and some homemade jam.

Make a big pot of tea. Enjoy!

Tip {using live natural yoghurt is a good tip for those who live in countries where buttermilk is not readily available especially students.} 

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  1. Great minds 😉

  2. We had scones made in exactly the same way here today!!! Yum!

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