Oregano Pesto

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I was weeding this morning and discovered that my oregano plants had gone into overdrive.

I wondered could I make pesto with it. Now I’m beginning to wonder is there any herb you can’t use for it.

Oregano pesto is really delicious. So is rocket pesto, parsley pesto and of course basil pesto.

At this time of year the leaves are really soft and almost downy. Later in the year they go slightly darker and tougher.

Remove the leaves from the stems and add a good handful into blender, a garlic clove, a tablespoon of pine nuts, a good piece of Parmesan, salt, pepper and enough olive oil to make it all come together.

Taste and add more of whatever ingredient you think it needs.

If you are a sucker for punishment you can always make it in the traditional way in a morter and pestle.

Toss into drained pasta and add a selection of summer vegetables lightly sautéed (I used courgette, oyster mushrooms, mange tout, cauliflower and spinach).

Add in a few pieces of fresh Mozarella and you have a delicious, summer meal.

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