Egg Overdrive

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Decorated egg boxes for Alzheimers fundraiser

Rearing chickens and ducks for eggs, is truly either a feast or a famine. In the depths of winter what I wouldn’t give for dozens of eggs instead of having to use them sparingly. Then in summer it’s the reverse. How do I think of ways to use them up?

I don’t think I would ever tire of my own eggs. They are free range, organic, fresh, deeply yellow and full of deliciousness and goodness. The insipid stale offerings from supermarkets quite literally pale in comparison.

To see poultry living the way mother nature intended, rooting about, dust bathing and sunbathing is good for my soul.  I inherited from my father a deep distaste of animals being confined and reared in unnatural environments. I would rather not eat the eggs at all from intensively reared birds.  Apart from the cruelty, the eggs are not healthy coming from chickens fed a diet laced with antibiotics and genetically modified cereals.

Apart from the obvious use in baking how many other ways can you think to use eggs?

Here are a few ideas.

Delicious brunch – poached eggs served on sourdough toast and wilted spinach with Parmesan shavings. The best hangover cure ever.

Spanish omelette with wilted chard and wild garlic.                                                                          

Carbonara with my own bacon and eggs. Parmesan from Rome courtesy of my sister.

Spinach, bacon and Parmesan quiche with a spelt and buttermilk pastry. Green lentils cooked in chicken stock and a green salad.

Eggsellent (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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