Dipping is Dangerous

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So apparently the EU is planning on banning olive oil served in jugs or bowls.  Instead we will only be “allowed” sample factory bottled and aseptically sealed oil from an industrial production process.

This is presumably in case a rogue dirty finger is accidentally dipped into a bowl of artisan cold pressed oil.  Horror of horrors.


However it’s absolutely fine to eat meat produced from animals fed a diet of genetically modified grain, or antibiotic-laced feed or crops dusted with nenicotinoids (NNI) which harm bees. Ireland was one of four countries who abstained from voting to ban them recently. http://www.thejournal.ie/bees-pesticides-ban-890181-Apr2013/.

It’s fair to say I became very disillusioned with our food safety “gestapo” a good many years ago.  Food safety to them was ticking boxes and filling in paperwork.  The paperwork and box ticking are almost always made up.  In fact I remember checking fridge temperatures to see why a product kept going off. The bakery worker in question had been diligently filling in the temperature charts. It was only when I looked back, I realised he was filling in football formations, 4 4 2 etc. It was a complete work of fiction.

And this minor example is far from being the only fictional paperwork I observed. I was once asked to forge metal detecting records in one job by the owner of the company.  Needless to say I told him he could do that himself. I could go on with more examples but it might not be such a good idea.

While it is necessary to make sure food is produced and served in a clean environment there is also a much bigger picture that these food police seem to be completely oblivious to.

After all food is dangerous.  It is now with them at the healm. 

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