Memories of St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 13, 2013 by

It was always freezing cold.

Watching the parade on the television while begging my parents to take me to the real thing. My father had an abhorrence of crowds and traffic jams and so never wanted to go and be part of the masses.

Little green ribbons and shamrock and gold gawdys sold as St. Patrick’s tat, which to us as children was so desirable.

Having to go to mass which I hated from a very early age.

Watching impossibly tanned American girls (from wearing thick tan tights) twirl and throw batons and march behind convoys of commercial floats.

Wanting to cast aside my thick woolly tights and go back to wearing socks for school.

Bacon, cabbage and spuds for dinner.

Interestingly no memory of alcohol.

I made a point of taking my kids to the parade

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