Horse these Burgers into You (Homemade pork and beefburgers)

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I don’t know about anyone else but all the talk about burgers recently made me really want some.  Not the ones in the news which, to put it mildly, are not anything like described on the tin.  But my own burger recipe modified from one I saw Jamie Oliver do a while back.

Normally I only get the urge to make them for a BBQ in the summer.  When you have fresh herbs in the garden they are really delicious.  But in winter they work equally as well.

Ingredients Pork and Beef Burgers

250g mince pork ( you need about 20% fat to keep the burgers moist and juicy)
250g mince beef
2 red onions
1 garlic clove (optional)
salt, pepper
fresh thyme and oregano or what ever herbs you have
1 good big teaspoon of Dijon mustard
a glug of Worcestershire sauce

This quantity should make enough for 6-8 burgers depending on how big you like them.

Sauté the red onions and garlic with salt, pepper in some good quality oil.  Add some fresh thyme at this time of year.  When they are softened remove from heat and cool.

Add to your meat mix and then if you have some fresh oregano add it.  Scoop out a good big teaspoon of Dijon mustard and a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce.  Add some more seasoning and mix well.

If not binding you can add a beaten egg but I rarely find it necessary. Chill for about an hour.  They can also be frozen individually wrapped in cling film.

I like all my meat cooked rare or twitching and burgers are the same.  I buy meat and mince it myself in a mincer attachment I have for my Kitchen Aid.  That way I know exactly how fresh it is and what is in it.  For this reason I have no problem cooking them rare. However, I am sure your butcher would mince your meat for you, if you ask. My mother never bought mince when we were young. She always wanted to see the butcher mince it in front of her.

To serve buy decent bread rolls not the nasty burger buns in sweaty packets full of Calcium propionate (mould inhibitor).

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