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For a long time now I have steered clear of anything packaged that describes itself as “artisan”.  It has fast become the most overused, meaningless word.  Describing everything from genuinely craft-made to processed ham that came from the “oink” of a pig.

The true definition of artisan is an object or item made by a craftsman as opposed to a machine.

An “artisan” food made in an intensive production plant is not artisan; rather it may have been made to an artisan recipe but more than likely was not.

Another overused word is “gourmet”.

Gourmet cat food

I saw a comment on Twitter recently that since gourmet is now used to describe cat and dog food it really has become ridiculous.

Farmers’ Market to my mind conjures up images of a market where farmers wheel up and sell their excess produce. Not the markets we have, where everything from jars of imported Italian pesto and Tapanade are sold alongside car-boot-style junk and cupcakes.

Or a friend who recently described a lifestyle store as selling “boom-time tat”.  It actually sold grossly overpriced lifestyle goods including a range of outrageously expensive “gourmet/artisan” foods.

Free range another meaningless description.  Apparently Bord Bia have written a new definition of this. I can’t wait to see chickens sold in supermarkets when this new definition becomes law.  Will the ones currently described as free range now be described as “almost” free range?

It really is a refreshing to see a product well-presented and described for what it is.  No overblown claims – relying on the quality and taste to make a repeat sale.  If a product does not rely on eye-catching packaging, extravagant claims or even lies then the chances are it is worth a try.

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  1. I know have to be one step ahead all the time.

  2. oh dont – the free range thing breaks my heart – way to make it hard for us!

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