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Picture the scenario – it’s a Friday evening, it’s wine o’clock, and suddenly something incenses me or something earlier in the day has incensed me.

Up comes the laptop lid and I let fly.

It never ceases to amaze me the ease with which I type a post having wellied into a bottle of wine.  Yes, I know all the statistics about drinking.  I’m not making an excuse and I don’t recommend it (well I do actually – but not officially). 

The posts I write in these circumstances are what I refer to as my rant posts.

They get the largest number of views by a mile.

The fact that they have to be edited the next morning is hardly surprising but what is surprising, is that the editing is surprisingly small.  When I sit at the keyboard stone cold sober, I change every sentence over and over, to get it just right.  I deliberate on how I want to lay it out, I wonder if my punctuation could be better, have I checked my spelling.

What I really want to know is; who reads them.  What does the reader think.  Do they agree or disagree.  Do they think – oh no here we go again.

It’s like I’m ranting in a vacuum.  It’s like a very unsatisfying row where no one is countering with the opposite viewpoint.  I love a good row, I always have done.  But a rant is not the same as a good row.  It’s self-indulgent.

So my question is – should I give up the wine or should I give up the writing under the influence of wine? Is the rant a result of the wine or is the wine a result of the rant?

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  1. Thanks Av 😉

  2. Keep it up Margaret I look forward to your new posts

  3. Thanks Margaret, I think I can't help myself really. Even if I vowed not to I think I would blow a gasket eventually.

  4. Please don't give up anything! Continue to rant! BTW love the Dear Tesco rant…. that was an excellent post…. and you know our feelings on the Evil Empire.

  5. Well you obviously understood it.

  6. The post is giving information about wine. Useful post

  7. Keep up the good work!!

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