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Jul 8, 2012 by

Myself and Raman plating up.

I have had a busy weekend from fork to farm so to speak. Friday 6th of July was the final of the Newstalk curry cook-off in the Kal Showrooms in City West.  The event was sponsored by Uncle Bens.  It was a fantastic experience and the other two contestants, Eithne Jarret and Raman Patel were amazing and talented cooks.  Eithne was the winner for her really excellent meatball curry.  It was a real explosion of flavour in the mouth and contained a spice I had never even heard of.

The judges were Arun Kapil of & Sunil Ghai, the well-known chef from

We had great fun with The Beatles playing and a comedian and a very supportive, appreciative audience. Uncle Ben’s supplied goody bags filled with all sorts of rice and sauces.  The Kal showrooms are superb and a must see for anyone thinking of upgrading or installing a new kitchen. 
My lamb curry recipe can be found here

The following day it was a very early start and off down to Redwood, Co Tipperary to Oldefarm.  Margaret and Alfie produce free range pigs in the most idyllic setting here.  They run courses for people interested in getting their own pigs and have a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as a real passion for food.  Their pigs are happy pigs, leading a healthy outdoor life rooting and foraging the way nature intended.  Their pork and bacon has to be tasted to be believed and they make their own sausages.  Alfie also makes a damn good burger.  I tried my best to get the ingredients but think there is a magic ingredient in there somewhere he was not telling me about!

They can be found at Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to real food produced from happy, healthy and gmo free pigs.  Margaret also writes a really great blog filled with terrific recipes and stories about life rearing pigs and lots of other animals. 

At the course yesterday they had a woman who had flown over from northern Portugal to participate. So the Oldefarm brand has become truly international. 

Jemima’s babies

I have my own pigs for over a month now. I had intended on doing the course the last time they ran it but was unable due to family commitments.  They are two 12 week old Middle Whites and are called Rasher and Sausage.  They have their own Twitter account and you can follow their exploits @rasherandsausag. I have explained here at my reasons for deciding to rear my own pork and bacon.

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  1. Thank you Colette. I love people who care about what they do!

  2. Lovely post Maggie 🙂 Not a fan of curries,but looked like you had a great time at the Curry Cook-off. As for Oldefarm, well, such a wonderful place, and two very dedicated people. Love visiting there. Amazing someone from Portugal came over. Continued success to Margaret & Alfie 🙂

  3. Oops sorry, knew that – was just a slip of the keyboard 😉

  4. Thank you for all the lovely compliments! Just one thing…. not a criticism… but just in case any of my neighbours are reading…. we are in Tipperary! I could be excommunicated!

    It was so so lovely to have you here!


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