Skimping on Size

Jun 30, 2012 by

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed it?

“It” being the skimpy portion sizes now on offer in so many Dublin restaurants.  I say Dublin as it is where I have experienced it lately.  Prices have tumbled – there is no disputing that.  It is now possible to get very good food for €20 or less for two courses at lunchtime, €25 for dinner.

But what is the point if you leave the restaurant starving or worse having to fill up on bread.  Actually this would be practically impossible as how many restaurants even offer a small basket of the stuff?

In France, Spain, Italy – practically everywhere, the first thing that is brought to the table is bread, water and maybe even a small bowl of olives.  The bread is not whipped away after starters are finished.  Very often it is topped up.

I have had two meals recently; both incidentally at lunchtime, that were memorable for all the wrong reasons.  The food in both places was great.  The prices could not have been beaten.  But I left both places hungry and unsatisfied.

Perhaps the idea is to “encourage” customers to order dessert/cheese and make up the money here?

Whatever the thinking is – would I go back? No.  Would I recommend anyone to go?  No.

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