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Feb 13, 2012 by

I was away on my “foodie weekend” in Cork when I got a notification that I had been included in this award by Colette from  I was needless to say delighted, but a bit “under the weather” as they say from a night dining out in Cork’s finest and partaking of some lovely wine!  

It’s a nice surprise to be included and a really good idea to promote other blogs.

So how does it work?
  • You thank the person who gave you the award
  • Then link back to that person’s blog
  • Copy and paste the Liebster award to your own profile
  • Pick 5 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed (they have to have under 200 followers)
  • Then finally blog it and leave a comment to let your 5 choices know they have been chosen.
My 5 choices in no particular order are;

1. Jill is a student and a passionate foodie blogging about everything to do with food from Ann Arbour, Michigan and also about her travels in Germany.  

2. Piglet is an Englishwoman married to a Frenchman and living in France in a rural area. The blog is a lovely record and journey of her life’s trials and tribulations dealing with the French and living in the country.  This blog is a real find and I love her posts.
3. This is a couple blogging about living in France for part of the year and also in Dublin.  The blog is not only about food but also very interesting observations on the difference between the French and the Irish.  They are based in my favourite part of France and an area I have come to know very well of late.  I envy their lifestyle and love their blog.
4.  Rory is a passionate foodie who works in the food industry and has a passion for cheese as well as all things Italian food and wine wise.  The reason I love this blog is I have an Italianophile brother (if that is how you say it) and Rory reminds me of him.
5. Margaret blogs about her life in rural Tipperary and raising free-range pigs as a business.  Lots of lovely recipes feature many of which I have tried recently, the apple beer being the most successful which really says a lot more about me than her recipes 😉
So there you go – pass it on and share the “Blove” especially as it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

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