New Years Thoughts and Resolutions

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If I could find the magic way to lose weight whilst still being able to enjoy my food and wine then wouldn’t I be onto a good thing?  Every year I make a resolution that this will be the year I get back to my ideal weight so as to be able to wear all the clothes I can’t bear to throw away, but to date I have not managed to.  It’s not that I am obese or even hugely overweight but I do need to lose a few kilos.  I am fit and I eat healthily although I do have a sweet tooth.  When I was younger my friends used to wonder how I was so slim despite the fact that I ate probably twice as much as they did.  One even told me that one day it would catch up with me and she was right.  It has caught up with me now. 

I can’t say that I want to get fit because as I said I am reasonably fit.  I have two dogs who torture me if I don’t walk them.  It’s not as if they haven’t plenty of space to run about and exercise themselves but they never seem to bother and only charge around the fields if I am with them. 

I want to try to raise pigs this year and have made a resolution to do this although I am dreading getting too attached and not being able to bring myself to kill and eat them.  I am a real soft touch when it comes to animals.  Even a wicked rooster who used every opportunity to attack me; when he eventually got killed I couldn’t bear to eat him.  It just seemed wrong especially as a few hours before he was running around my garden. 

But my primary resolution has to be the desire to finally take an idea I have and turn it into a business opportunity.  I suppose I am bit scared to take the plunge and feel a bit like a sky diver standing at the door of a plane trying to decide to jump.  I know that once I jump I will probably be fine but it’s just getting the courage to make the move.  My grandfather was a supreme entrepreneur and I often wonder why I did not inherit that gene.  I wish he was alive to ask him had he similar doubts but he died at the age of 45 from a heart attack.  But in his short life he certainly lived – built up a business, went broke and built the business back up again.  My father tells a great story that when the second world war broke out he knew that petrol would be rationed so he dug two holes in the garden for underground tanks and filled them.  However, the government then issued a directive that the only cars allowed on the road were to be driven by doctors and priests.  He was one of the few people who actually had a car at the time so he would have been very obvious on the road. 

                                                      My grandfather on the left

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