Blackberry picking

Sep 8, 2011 by

I picked blackberries recently and saw a recipe on a blog for baked blackberry cheesecake.  The recipe was a bit all over the place (even for someone like me who doesn’t get stressed about weights)!  It called for a pack of digestive biscuits; no size given?  I bought a largish pack in Aldi and added half the weight of melted butter.  Then I combined two tubs of cream cheese (Marscapone and ricotta) and added half their weight in icing sugar and one of my large duck eggs!  I added a good handful of blackberries and baked in oven, gas mark 3 for about an hour until it was just set, with a bit of a wobble.  It was so good I ate too much of it and was awake all night, as seriously it is so rich it would have sunk a battleship!!

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