Don’t panic if your rocket bolts……..

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Rocket bolts end of.  I have read that it happens if there is a dry spell, a wet one, no sun, too much sun and a were wolf howling at the moon.  I pulled all mine up last week and then slowly and painfully salvaged all the younger more tender leaves and made rocket pesto.

Last year the price of pine nuts went through the roof (apparently they were being traded as a commodity)? So I decided to try another substitute that would not break the bank.  I used unsalted cashew nuts and you would not be able to tell the difference.  So make your pesto in the normal way with a handful of rocket in a blender and add to taste, a handful of cashews, a small clove of garlic, salt and pepper, some fresh Parmesan and enough olive oil to make it the consistency you desire.  I am sorry not to give you grams and ounces, but I don’t cook like that.  Be brave; try it and you can always adjust the balance by adding more of one ingredient.  The key is to keep tasting. 

A good serving suggestion instead of predictably stirring into pasta, is to sautee some fresh veg from your garden such as courgettes, green and yellow, peas, spring onions and garlic.  Season and add a knob of your rocket pesto at the end.  A really delicious vegetable side dish which goes well with meat or fish and even kids will eat it!

Pesto also freezes beautifully and a good tip is to freeze in ice cube trays and then just pop them out when frozen and store in zip lock bags.

Note – you can use any herb really for pesto. I have made it in the traditional way with basil but also with parsley and with rocket as above.  Try adding different nuts like walnuts in place of cashews or pine nuts.

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